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The Impact of the North South Corridor (NSC) on Property Values: Key Areas to Watch

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In the bustling metropolis of Singapore, where urban development is constantly evolving, the North-South Corridor (NSC) Plan stands out as a pivotal project set to redefine transportation infrastructure. Designed to alleviate congestion and enhance connectivity, this multi modal-transportation corridor will enhance the connectivity to the northern region of Singapore, serving towns such as Sembawang, Yishun, Ang Mo Kio, Toa Payoh and Rochor.

What exactly is the North-South Corridor about?

The North-South Corridor is a comprehensive initiative aimed at addressing the burgeoning traffic demands and promoting LTA's car-lite vision by transforming the surface streets to encourage Walk-Ride-Cycle(WCR) modes. Spanning approximately 21.5 kilometers, this $7.47 billion project integrates multiple modes of transportation, with the vehicular traffic diverted to the underground viaduct and tunnels, and the surface streets used for wider footpaths, cycling paths and bus priority measures. It is envisioned as a seamless corridor that connects the northern regions to the southern areas.

Below are some official illustrations of how the NSC will look like from LTA!

Click here to find out more details about the North South Corridor!


Before we move on to the WHERE, let us first discuss about the WHY.

Potential Impact on Property Values

The development of major transportation infrastructure projects often has a profound impact on surrounding properties. In the case of the NSC, properties located along or in close proximity to the corridor can be expected to experience various effects, both positive and negative.

Positive Impacts:

Enhanced Accessibility:

When it comes to future Resale value, the little quality of life factors can make a huge impact on the emotional factor to potential buyers of your property. For example, for people who have went resale house viewings as a buyer before, if the road to get to the property is always jammed, will it be a factor that might deter you from considering that property? With NSC, the properties located in proximity to the exits and entry ramps may eventually experience a smoother traffic flow, improving the overall first impression future buyers will have of your property even before they step foot inside. A good example that may benefit from this will be Bishan town, which we will discuss in detail further down.

Reduced Commute Times:

Similar to the point above, the NSC will also reduce public commuting times, as car traffic are all directed to the tunnel, the roads on the surface will be mainly for buses, improving the overall commute timing between the North and South. There will also be wider footpaths and cycling lanes on the surface road. Thus the NSC not only benefit vehicle owners, which also benefit investors, as tenants are more likely to not own a vehicle, and if they work at the City Central, the ease of commuting from North to South might appeal for them to rent units near the NSC as well. (Bonus fact, the North region is also going through major changes by the government, and will eventually create huge amounts of job opportunities there, potentially increasing demand to commute smoothly to the North. The exact location of this will be discussed further on below! )

Value Appreciation:

We have to recognise the fact that just because the property benefits from the convenience of the NSC, it does not directly mean the value will definitely appreciate in future, as there are so many other factors you have to analyse as we will be doing for the NSC further down below. The convenience offered by the NSC may be a factor to contribute to the appreciation of properties in its proximity over time, as improved transportation infrastructure often correlates with increased demand and investment potential.

Negative Impacts:

Noise and Disruption:

During the construction phase of the NSC, properties in close proximity to the corridor may experience noise pollution and disruptions, with potential road works that can further clog up traffic for commuters travelling between the North and South, which could deter potential buyers or tenants who are looking to stay at the affected areas before the NSC is completed.


Area of Highlights

With these impacts in mind, let us go through some area of highlights to take note of before we move on to the full breakdown of the NSC route.

  • For people looking at landed homes, the landed clusters at Jln Binchang / Jln Pemimpin might be worth taking a look at, as the entry ramps into the NSC is located right after exiting the roads from Pemimpin Pl or Pemimpin Dr. And if most of the surface road traffic is successfuly directed underground, the units that are along the Marymount Rd might get to enjoy slightly lesser noise pollution.

  • Another Key area that might be worth looking into is Lentor. The town is still developing, where there are many new launches at that area, so do keep in mind that you can consider this area if you are able to buy into a new launch for own stay / investment. Lentor, being situated above Ang Mo Kio, is sort of in the middle between the South and the North, making it both pretty accessible to the City Central and in future, the Woodlands Regional Centre. It will also have its own MRT Station and Shopping Mall, making it a self-sustainable township. Residents there will also have easy access to the NSC to get to the South. The main highlight is that since you are buying into a new launch, you dont get the current disadvantages of construction and noise pollution, and by the time the development is ready, the NSC will probably be close to completion as well, enabling residents to be able to immediately enjoy its benefits.

If you require any advice or more info with regards to the exact properties that can stand to benefit from the NSC, you can leave us an enquiry or contact us directly!

Now that we have went over the potential impacts, let us move on and breakdown the exact areas that the NSC covers.


Deeper look at the enhancement of Connectivity and Accessibility:

Where and which area exactly?

Where exactly are the improvements going to be made?

Will there be any properties near certain areas of the NSC that will stand to reap the most benefit from it?

For us to analyse this clearer, lets take a look at the official contract plans for the NSC tunnel!

Lets start from the far southern end, which we feel is the main highlight of the NSC, this tunnel brings and connects north side residents directly to city center, where they can easily access Bugis / Promenade area. Alternativelty they can also exit to ECP towards Marina Bay or East Coast Park. This works vice versa as well, giving people working in the CBD a smoother and faster journey home from work.

Images below are in sequential order of the entire tunnel linking traffic from Little India / Rochor / Bugis towards Thomson Road and vice versa. Take note of the compass to navigate where the North is to get a clearer picture of the direction the raffic is flowing.

The Entry/Exit ramps in the image below is where the NSC tunnels will start linking towards the North and South side, leading towards Thomson Road if you are coming from the South, and towards Bukit Timah Road if you are coming from the North.

The Exit Ramps below is at Marymount Road just before the Marymount MRT station. Landed owners at Upper Thomson / Jln Binchang / Jln Pemimpin will get to enjoy the benefit of this. Residents staying at Bishan will also get to benefit, as vehicles can take a right turn after the exit to Bishan St 21, a much needed alternative to the already traffic heavy Braddell Road / CTE during the peak hours.

Further up, another set of Entry / Exit ramps can benefit the residents staying at the HDB clusters in Bishan, as it can link towards Bishan St 22, which is again, a well needed alternative to the current Braddell Road / CTE.

Next, the tunnels passes through the future Cross Island Line Teck Ghee Station and then the entire Ang Mo Kio Town.

An Entry Ramp at Ang Mo Kio Avenue 6 will directly benefit the HDB clusters and condos around the area. Also just slightly up, the budding new Township of Lentor is also in close proximity to enjoy the easier access to the City through this.

Passing Ang Mo Kio and Lentor Road, an Exit Ramp will link directly to SLE, after which the NSC tunnel will transit into a Viaduct.

Subsequently, the viaduct travel along the Sembawang Road with an Entry / Exit ramp near Yishun Ave 1 , Lor Chencharu and Bah Soon Pah Road, which at the date of publishing still has not much developments, with the URA Masterplan only zoning it as "Subject to Detailed Planning". Nothing noteworthy of this at moment.

Towards the end, there is an Entry / Exit ramp at Gambas Ave and then at Woodlands Ave 8. Now, this area is very interesting. This area might not be much now, but if you take a look at the URA Masterplan, this is actually a part of the Woodlands Regional Centre, which is poised to be the largest economic hub in Singapore's North Region. The Northern Agri Tech and Food Corridor will eventually provide a huge amount of new jobs, increasing the demand for easier access to the region. The NSC is the early preparation for that, where if demand to travel to the North for work increases, properties that has convenient access to the NSC might increase in demand as well.


The North-South Corridor Plan heralds a new era of transportation infrastructure in Singapore, promising improved connectivity and smoother traffic flow for residents and commuters alike. While its construction may entail temporary disruptions for nearby properties, the long-term benefits are poised to positively impact property values and resale prospects. As Singapore continues to prioritize sustainable urban development, initiatives like the NSC underscore the city-state's commitment to enhancing livability and connectivity for its residents.

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